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business etiquette virtual presentationsMy live business etiquette events are now business etiquette virtual presentations.

Why? Well, that’s likely no secret to anyone. In this unprecedented time, Covid-19 still lingers. And, the corporate world is not bringing in professional development speakers and trainers to do live events.

But, business etiquette and protocol skills are still needed, more than ever, in today’s business arena.

So, as a trainer and speaker, I now use virtual presentations to provide essential professional development options for companies and organizations.

It is exciting to share with you (drum roll, please!) that my most popular live business etiquette training events are now available to companies as interactive and engaging virtual presentations.

This includes The Art of Business Dining, Mix & Mingle Networking Etiquette, Workplace Etiquette/Office Professionalism, Phone Etiquette and Email Etiquette. These sessions are ‘re-invented’ to be relevant and reassuring to the needs of today’s workforce in unique office environments due to Covid-19 restrictions.

To learn more about my virtual presentations, watch my 2-minute video for the Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce!

And, the good news…it’s beneficial for companies to invest in virtual presentations for employees during this unprecedented time. First, it sends a message that each employee has value. It shows you have their best interest at heart. In addition, it helps boost morale and helps employees stay motivated and engaged in their work.  Plus, every employee can access virtual presentations whether they work remotely or from the office.

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Rachel Wagner is a licensed business etiquette consultant, trainer and speaker, and owner of the Oklahoma-based business etiquette firm Rachel Wagner Etiquette and Protocol. www.EtiquetteTrainer.com Rachel provides onsite and virtual business and dining etiquette presentations for corporate clients in Oklahoma and around the country.