The Art of Business Dining

Business relationships are developed and strengthened at the table. Which means your associates must have flawless dining etiquette skills and be able to handle themselves confidently in dining situations as either a host or as a guest. In this hands-on business dining etiquette seminar, your team learns world-class dining etiquette skills while enjoying a four-course fine dining meal. Never worry again about which fork to use–or how to host a client for dinner–or how to give a proper toast.  Rachel keeps the learning environment relaxed and non-intimidating. Participants leave this session equipped with refined dining skills for dining with confidence and ease in even the most sophisticated dining settings. And this means they will reflect on your company’s brand, image and reputation in a positive manner.

Who should attend? Development officers; any level of employee, from those in career-fast track programs to upper-level managers; anyone who hosts business meals or attends business meals and fundraiser events with clients, customers, and prospects.

Session length: 2-2.5 hours

Formal Dining Etiquette for College Students

In this interactive business etiquette seminar, students learn the ins and outs of proper business dining etiquette. They learn to maneuver flawlessly through a 4-course formal meal including the etiquette for silverware, napkin, and glassware. They gain confidence and polish by learning the importance of following the lead of the host, making small talk at the table, handling “dining dilemmas” and other dos and don’ts that will set them apart. This session helps students grow professionally and equips them to create a great first impression at interview dinners with prospective employers—and that’s a great reflection on your university as well!

Who should attend? Any college student, especially upperclassmen and graduate students who want to be impressive at interview meals and enhance their career success.

Session length: 2-2.5 hours

Formal English Tea Etiquette

Whether you’re planning to have tea in an upscale London tea room during a business trip to England, or planning a formal tea for your women’s group or professional organization, learning the nuances of tea etiquette will help you present yourself as a respectful, gracious and well-mannered guest. In this one-hour session, participants will learn about all the items presented at a formal English tea, including the etiquette for holding the tea cup, how to add and stir the sweetener, lemon, and cream, how to serve yourself from the tea tray, napkin etiquette, and the all-important etiquette for eating tea sandwiches and scones (clotted cream first or jam first?) This fun session will answer all your tea etiquette questions and give you the confidence for enjoying a formal English tea wherever your travels take you.

Dining Etiquette for Families

Do you have a special event coming up and want the whole family to look polished? Fine Dining for Families is a perfect time for your family to sit down together at a fine dining venue and receive private dining etiquette instruction while enjoying a multi-course tutorial meal. Instruction includes handling the silverware, understanding the place setting, approaching and leaving the table, napkin etiquette, toasting, restaurant etiquette, and dining dos and don’ts.