Outclass the Competition in the Job Market

This engaging business etiquette training seminar gives students the competitive edge to score coveted internships and desirable jobs sought in today’s global business arena. Presented in a fast-paced game-show format, students learn practical and effective working-world business etiquette tips and tactics. From proper attire to handshaking, making small talk to presenting a business card, this lively and interactive session focuses on contemporary, universally accepted business etiquette to help set students apart from the competition. They will gain crucial professional presence and confidence necessary to enhance their “name-brand” marketability at campus job fairs, networking events, and interviews.

Who should attend? Any college student, especially upperclassmen and graduate students, will reap the benefits of this session.

Session length: 1-1.5 hours

Formal Dining Etiquette for College Students

In this interactive business etiquette seminar, students learn the ins and outs of proper business dining etiquette. They learn to maneuver flawlessly through a 4-course formal meal including the etiquette for silverware, napkin, and glassware. They gain confidence and polish by learning the importance of following the lead of the host, making small talk at the table, handling “dining dilemmas” and other dos and don’ts that will set them apart. This session helps students grow professionally and equips them to create a great first impression at interview dinners with prospective employers—and that’s a great reflection on your university as well!

Who should attend? Any college student, especially upperclassmen and graduate students who want to be impressive at interview meals and enhance their career success.

Session length: 2-2.5 hours