Not comfortable with in-person training events yet?  Some of our most popular business and dining etiquette “in-person” sessions (as described below) are now available as live virtual presentations. Let your employees know how much you value them by investing in virtual business etiquette presentations!

Rachel recently received certification as a Virtual Event Professional (meaning #NoMoreBadZoom presentations!).  Call today to schedule your virtual training event!


Or, if you’re comfortable with “in-person” again, Rachel is ready to serve your business and dining etiquette training needs with her “in-person” events again!

Corporate Etiquette Training Seminars

Rachel Wagner Etiquette and Protocol business etiquette training seminars and workshops are conducted in your company’s own conference room or a venue of your choice (such as a conference or retreat center). In a relaxed and non-intimidating environment, you will learn the tools which give professionals a presence that communicates confidence, competence, and influence in today’s global business arena.
Here are some of the different types of Training Seminars:

  • The Business Meet and Mingle: How to Be Positively Polished
  • Workplace Etiquette and Office Professionalism
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Email Writing Etiquette
  • The Art of Business Dining
  • Etiquette for Virtual Meetings (offered live via Zoom only)

Build Relationships and Networks with Polish and Presence

At business socials, conferences, and receptions, you are repeatedly making a first–and often lasting–impression! But attending these events can be intimidating and even paralyzing for many professionals.

In this business etiquette workshop, your team members will learn how to confidently present themselves, how to mingle, make small talk, and develop relationships more easily.

They will “learn by doing” how to give a correct handshake, make polished introductions, and how to give or receive a business card.  In addition, they will learn body language dos and don’t’s and how to juggle hors d’oeuvres and drinks while mingling. It takes practice to establish and strengthen networks. But in this fun and interactive business etiquette seminar, your team members will gain greater confidence and skills for attending mix and mingle events with ease. They will leave this session with steps, tips, and strategies to make a positive first and lasting impression at any type of business social. As a result, they will reflect on your company’s brand, reputation, and image with excellence.

Who should attend? Any employee who represents your company at business receptions, conferences, chamber functions and other community events.

Session length: 2-2.5 hours

Workplace Etiquette and Office Professionalism

Q: What makes an office professional?

A: Many things! But especially how coworkers treat each other, and how customers are treated. Good workplace etiquette helps create an office culture of appreciation, sensitivity, and respect for co-workers. In addition, it helps build powerful relationships with clients and visitors to your company or organization. In this engaging and fun seminar, your team will learn important keys and tips that are crucial for creating positive and professional workplace behaviors. This leads to a more productive and enjoyable workplace environment for everyone.  Topics may include cubicle etiquette, co-worker courtesies, dress for success, electronic etiquette, the power of words, and tips for a productive meeting. Your team will leave this session inspired and empowered for greater levels of successful relationships with each other and with clients, customers, and office guests.

Who should attend? All levels of employees.

Session length: 2-3 hours, depending on optional topics

Telephone Etiquette

It’s critical that front-line employees make a positive first and lasting impression when handling business phone calls for your company or organization. In this interactive session, you will learn about proper phone manners that leave a great impression on callers. Topics include the power of your voice, word choices, being a good listener, and handling difficult callers.  Additional topics include using the caller’s name, placing callers on hold and transferring calls courteously. During this business etiquette session, participants engage in a case study and practice scenarios to help reinforce the training. They leave with practical and effective action steps that they can use immediately back in the office. As a result, your team members’ phone manners will give a more powerful and positive impression of your business or organization.

Who should attend? Employees who have primary responsibility for incoming calls.

Session length: 2 hours

Professional Business Email Writing and Etiquette

Good business etiquette includes good email etiquette. It’s vital that business emails send a positive image of you and your organization. However, emails are often too casual, carelessly written, or have a negative tone.  As a result, these blunders can all reflect poorly on your company. In this session, the skills you’re doing right will be acknowledged and reinforced; then you will build on that with essential best practices of email writing and etiquette to create a professional impression with email. In addition, you will also discover when not to use email as a communication tool as well as tips for managing an overflowing Inbox. When back in the office, you can use these tips immediately to create the most professional image with all of your business email communications.

Who should attend? Employees at all levels of an organization.

Session length: 2 hours, but can be modified upon request to a shorter session (but less interactive)

The Art of Business Dining

Business relationships are developed and strengthened at the table. And, like it or not, others are observing your table manners.  Therefore, your associates must have flawless dining etiquette skills and be able to handle themselves confidently in dining situations as either a host or as a guest. In this hands-on business dining etiquette seminar, you learn world-class dining etiquette while enjoying a four-course fine dining meal. Even though this training is held in a formal setting, Rachel’s non-intimidating but engaging style helps participants relax as they learn and feel comfortable asking questions. So, never worry again about which fork to use–or how to host a client for dinner–or how to give a proper toast. Even in the most sophisticated dining settings, you will be equipped with the dining skills that give you confidence and refinement. You will reflect on your company’s brand and image in a positive manner.

Who should attend? Development officers; any level of employee, from those in career-fast track programs to upper-level managers; anyone who hosts business meals or attends business meals and fundraiser events with clients, customers, and prospects.

Session length: 2-2.5 hours