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What does business etiquette after Covid-19 look like?

As Americans start to return to the workplace, will some of the former business etiquette rules and protocols be the same?business etiquette after Covid-19

When it comes to business etiquette in a still-lingering Covid-19 pandemic world, the new “rules for engagement” are still evolving.

In this Talk Radio 1170, show host Pat Campbell, gets Rachel’s take on handshaking, business card exchanges and how to convey professionalism and good etiquette when attending meetings on Zoom or other video communication platforms.

For example, should we greet each other with a fist bump or shoulder nudge instead of a handshake? Do we use business card scanner apps to collect information instead of touching someone’s card? And how do we show eye contact on a video communication platform?

In this podcast, you’ll find Rachel’s insightful responses to Pat’s great questions both interesting and informative.

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Rachel Wagner is a licensed business etiquette consultant, trainer and speaker and owner of the Oklahoma-based business etiquette firm Rachel Wagner Etiquette and Protocol. Rachel provides onsite and virtual business and dining etiquette workshops for Oklahoma businesses and around the country.

Image source: Unsplash  @brandaohh