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Who knew there was a “National Talk in an Elevator Day”?!

I sure didn’t. But there is. It’s July 30, 2021.national talk in elevator day

My newly gained, profound knowledge of this national day is thanks to a cleverly written marketing piece from my friends, Joe Mathis and Todd Wade, at the amazing Rumbledrum event planners extroidiaire!

So, why do we need a “National Talk in an Elevator Day” when research shows that 65% of people prefer to not make small talk with strangers while riding an elevator?

Because, sometimes we just need to quit looking down at our feet and acknowledge others on the elevator.

It doesn’t mean to get into a long-winded conversation with strangers. Small talking on an elevator is as simple as these two suggestions that Rumbledrum shares on their marketing piece.

  • Just say a cheery, “Good morning/Hello, how are you?” as you enter.
  • When you exit, smile and say, “Enjoy the day” or “Enjoy the evening,” depending on the time of day it happens to be.

So, instead of just getting on, facing the front, and looking up…or down…try a little elevator small talk.

Your smile and warm greeting may just be what that person needed to get their day off to a positive start!

And, a couple more elevator etiquette tips from Rumbledrum that I agree with are the following:

  • Try to end all phone calls before hopping on the elevator. No one needs to hear your conversation.
  • Avoid eating anything (especially any smelly food) and drinking on the elevator. It’s an accident waiting to happen.
  • Respect everyone’s “personal bubble” as much as possible, especially on a crowded elevator. Consider waiting for a less-crowded car or taking the steps if you’re only going 1 or 2 floors.

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Image source: Used with permission  Rumbledrum

Rachel Wagner is a licensed business etiquette consultant, trainer, and speaker. She is the owner of the Oklahoma-based business etiquette firm Rachel Wagner Etiquette and Protocol. www.EtiquetteTrainer.com. Rachel provides onsite and LIVE virtual training presentations on a variety of business and dining etiquette topics for corporate clients around the country. As an etiquette expert, she is interviewed and quoted in a variety of local and national media outlets. These include The Washington Post, MONEY, Forbes, and many more. She is also newly credentialed as a VEP, a Virtual Event Professional, and Zoom Producer.