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Great business etiquette is still essential in a pandemic world.

You and your company or business are still making impressions whether working remotely or back in the office.business etiquette essential in pandemic

Business etiquette is, in fact, more necessary than ever in today’s business arena. It shows we value and respect everyone with whom we interact in business, whether face to face or virtually.

In this short video, I share tips on email etiquette and virtual meeting etiquette. These tips convey good business etiquette in a pandemic world and continue to give a good impression to your email recipients and virtual meeting participants.

Business etiquette is still essential in a pandemic world; it’s never out of style and needed more than ever to acknowledge that we value and respect others. These two ideas will reflect well on you and also on your company or business.

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Photo Source: Ethan Wagner

Rachel Wagner is a licensed business etiquette consultant, trainer and speaker, and owner of the Oklahoma-based business etiquette firm Rachel Wagner Etiquette and Protocol. www.EtiquetteTrainer.com Rachel provides onsite and virtual business and dining etiquette workshops for corporate clients in Oklahoma and around the country.