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The air is cooler.  Leaves are turning. Pumpkins appear on porches. Fall is here! That means soup weather is here, too. Good table manners include proper soup etiquette.

Proper Soup Etiquette

At a business lunch or at home with the family,  your table manners will be  top notch when you use these soup etiquette tips:


  • Do: Hold the soup spoon correctly, between the middle and index finger, secured by the thumb (Avoid holding it like handlebars on a bike.)
  • Do: Ladle the soup away from you.
  • Do: Fill the spoon only about 2/3 full to prevent dripping.
  • Do: Rest your spoon on the serving plate that’s under the bowl when taking a break to eat a bite of bread, sip your beverage, or blot your lips.
  • Do: Tip your bowl away from you if you must get the last spoonful.
  • Do: Place your spoon on the underlying plate when finished, alongside the bowl. If there is no underlying plate, leave the spoon in your bowl.


  • Don’t: Put the entire spoon in your mouth. Tilt it and sip (silently, of course!) from the side.
  • Don’t: Blow on your soup if it’s too hot…or add ice cubes from your water glass! Eat the cooler part near the edge of the bowl first.
  • Don’t: Crumble crackers into the soup at a business meal. (You may do so at home if you want!) Eat crackers along with the soup. However, it is acceptable to float a few oyster crackers in a bowl of seafood chowder.

Interested In Learning More?

Eating soup correctly is one of the best indicators that a diner has a mastery of good table manners. Bon appetit! If you are interested in any of my business or dining etiquette seminars please contact me or call me at 918.970.4400!