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March is the month when we spring forward. It’s a great time to reflect on career advancement. Spring forward by making sure your workplace manners, business etiquette, and attitude are reflecting on you in a way that shows you’re a person who’s not only likeable and approachable…but also, promotable.

Here are ten easy career advancement tips that you can do to ensure you are on the right track for upward mobility at work:

Get a good night’s sleep. Bring your best, most rested self to work. Most of us need seven to eight hours of shut-eye for peak productivity. Entice yourself to hit the sack earlier with a good book on your Kindle.

Be on time. Whether arriving to work or attending a meeting, be on time. Better yet, arrive a few minutes early. Not only will you be more focused, but you show respect for others and their time. Be punctual with project deadlines, too. Often others are waiting on your work to get theirs done.

Greet others. Research shows that the majority of employees like to be greeted in the morning. This doesn’t mean you have to get into a long conversation. It just means giving a friendly good morning greeting as you walk from the parking garage or pass in the hallway.

Have a positive can-do attitude. Everyone enjoys being around a person with a positive attitude. And it’s contagious. Your attitude drives not only your behavior; it affects others quickly and floats all the boats higher.

Avoid gossip. It’s one of the most hated office practices. When you hear it, let it go in one ear and out the other. Never write anything condescending or negative in an email or in a social media post about a coworker, your boss, the board of directors, or your company. Email conversations and Facebook posts are never private and can harm your work relationships,  reputation and career.

Affirm others. Don’t be quick to find fault in others. (We’re all human and make mistakes!).  Instead, be a person who looks for the good in others and then let them know. “Bill, thanks for getting that report to me so quickly. It helped us make a good decision in the XYZ case.” “Wow, that’s great/awesome how you…”

Raise your hand. It’s easy to talk about what needs to be done. Be a person who volunteers to do it.

Use power words often: The words please, thank-you, I’m sorry, I was wrong, What’s your opinion? go a long way in building positive work relationships.

Dress for success. You are an extension of your company’s brand. When you look professional, it not only gives a great first and lasting impression, but it’s a way to show respect to yourself, your clients, and your coworkers. Purge anything from your closet that’s ill-fitting, pilling, or showing wear. For example, if your white shirts look dingy, your navy blazer looks shiny, or your brown belt has loose stitching…then it’s time to replace them. Focus on adding new items that are timeless such as gray slacks or a navy suit, and a few trendy items such as scarves or a statement necklace that keep you looking up to date.

Be a team player. Yes, everyone’s heard this a million times, but it’s worth repeating. Being a “Lone Ranger” can alienate you from coworkers. Help build a cohesive team by participating in the discussion at meetings (but not interrupting, arguing, or having side conversations!), and by giving others credit on a team project. You can be a team player by introducing others, taking a new employee to lunch, and going the extra mile for someone (even when it’s not convenient).

Spring forward in your career advancement by practicing good workplace manners.