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Ever used a rideshare service such as Lyft or Uber and wondered about correct etiquette? I know I did the first time my “taxi” was an Uber.uber,lyft,ridesharing,etiquette

Do I tip the same as a taxi? Can I tell the driver to turn the AC up or the music down?

The Uber and Lyft etiquette tips below will help answer your most pressing questions:

Do I need an app?
Yes, because payment for rides is only via a credit card on file on the app.  You can easily download apps for Lyft and Uber on your smart phone.

How do I know on a crowded corner which driver is mine?
Your app will supply the driver’s name, photo and type of car. In addition, Lyft drivers have a bright, color-changing pill-shaped device (called the Amp) made of multiple LED lights on their dashboards. The color in your Lyft app will match the color of the Amp in your driver’s car.

Also, to be sure you’re getting in the right car, ask the driver the name of the person that he/she is picking up. Let them tell you your name. Also, if the wait area is crowded, tell the driver you’ll be standing a few yards from the crowd.

Do I tip?
If the driver provided you with a positive experience, a tip of 15-20% is greatly appreciated to reward great service. After a ride, you can choose to tip your driver with cash or through the Lyft or Uber app. Tips added to the app are added to the ride cost on the credit card on file.

May I ask the driver to turn the AC up or the music down?
Absolutely. The driver wants you to be comfortable.

Do I pay for water if the driver offers a bottle?
No, the water is complimentary. You may also feel free to help yourself to candy that some drivers provide in a small dish for passengers.

What if the driver is a bit inattentive or reckless?
Your safety is of utmost importance. It’s okay to say, “You’re scaring me a bit weaving in and out of the traffic.” Or, “Would you mind slowing down a bit? You’re making me a little nervous.” The driver will want a good rating from you and he/she will likely apologize and drive with greater attentiveness.

Rideshare apps also give passengers their potential driver’s ratings ahead of the car’s arrival. So, if you’re uneasy with the rating, cancel your ride and call another.

Is it important to rate my driver?
Yes. Drivers depend on customer ratings to stay in the good graces of the company. So, if you had a great driver, give a great rating.

And, did you know that drivers will also rate you as a passenger? To be 5 Stars, try not to cancel, do say please and thank-you, remove your take-out coffee cup and don’t talk loudly on the phone.

What other Uber and Lyft etiquette tips or questions do you have? Share with me your comments and thoughts in the comments section below or via Twitter or LinkedIn.

A licensed business etiquette consultant, trainer and speaker, Rachel Wagner helps organizations and individuals position themselves as savvy, consummate professionals and professional organizations. She advises clients on business etiquette and business dining etiquette to empower them to represent their company’s brand, reputation and image with excellence. She has worked with public and private sector clients in a variety of industries.

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