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Thanksgiving is a time to gather around a scrumptious table with family and friends.  To be impressive as a host or a guest, here are a few host and guest etiquette tips to keep in mind, in addition to using your best table manners and dining etiquette:

As A Host Or Hostess:

  • Have a short to-do list for guests who ask, after they arrive, “What can I do to help?” Suggestions: warm the rolls, fill the ice bucket, light the candles or hand them a whisk to stir the gravy. It adds to the fun when guests are involved in the kitchen helping with last-minute preparations.
  • If your group is large, consider using place cards for seating guests. This helps ensure that congenial and friendly conversations can be enjoyed by all.
  • If guests are bringing potluck dishes, have a tray of extra serving utensils ready for dishes that need one.
  • If food items are served buffet style, use blank place cards to indicate the name of the dish and any food allergens, such as “Green Bean Casserole, contains dairy.”
  • To encourage mingling before the meal, and if space allows, set up a separate self-serve beverage area with a variety of beverages. Pre-set only water glasses on the table and guests can bring their additional beverage to the table.

Guest Etiquette Tips:

  • Arrive on time, but not early. The hostess will have plenty of details to attend to without the distraction of early arrivals.
  • If you’re contributing a dish that needs to stay warm, consider using a crock pot rather than needing oven space when you arrive with your food.
  • Consider taking a small hostess gift in addition to your food items. Flowers (already in a vase) or bottle of wine are nice, but a plate of muffins or bagels for breakfast the next morning will be a hit and appreciated.
  • If you (or your children) have specific food allergies, take a few food items that you know are safe.
  • If place cards are used for seating, do not rearrange them to sit by someone else. The hostess has put considerable thought into seating arrangements to help encourage pleasant conversations.
  • Do keep conversations upbeat. Good topics include movies, sports, the lighter side of current events, and recent or upcoming travel plans. Avoid topics that are controversial or raise blood pressures.
  • Do offer to help clean up the kitchen. The hostess will appreciate the gesture even if she declines.

Interested In Learning More?

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