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New Year’s Eve means it will soon be time to gather with your nearest and dearest. And a high point of the festivities is to raise a glass of bubbly to toast in the New Year. Here are five etiquette tips to help you kick off the New Year with style:

  1. A few minutes before midnight, the party host pours the champagne. Tip: Pour a small amount into each champagne flute, let the froth settle for a moment, and then fill the glass three-quarters full. Allow enough time for this so you don’t get caught in the count down! Note: A toast can be made with any beverage. Nondrinkers may toast with ginger ale or sparkling apple cider.
  2.  The party host will initiate the toast by thanking the guests for coming and ask them to raise their glass. The host may then simply say, “Happy New Year!”
  3. Raise your glass only to eye level. Why? To make eye contact with those you’re toasting. We sometimes tend to gaze at the glass instead of making that all-important eye contact.
  4. It is not necessary to clink glasses with everyone…just raising the glass toward someone is perfectly acceptable.
  5. Take only one sip. A toast is not meant to quench one’s thirst. Continue to enjoy your bubbly after the toasting has taken place.

These tips will help polish your toasting skills. Cheers! Prost! Happy New Year!