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wedding guest costs While it can be expensive to be a bride, being a wedding guest isn’t exactly cheap either.

As an etiquette and protocol consultant, I was honored to be interviewed for this article on ‘How to Cut Wedding Guest Expenses’ in the Quicken Loans publication, Zing!

You will learn six ways to cut wedding guest expenses. These tips will help you enjoy upcoming weddings without breaking the bank.

  • Determine your Gift Budget
  • Save on Hotel Costs
  • Be Selective About Which Events You Attend
  • It’s Okay to “borrow something” as a Guest, Too!
  • How to Decline, if You Must

So, as you enjoy wedding season, use these tips to help you not bust your budget as a guest…(or ruin a friendship!)

In addition, I would love for you to comment on additional ways a wedding guest can save on expenses.

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Rachel Wagner is a licensed business etiquette consultant, trainer and speaker. Her Oklahoma-based business etiquette firm, Rachel Wagner Etiquette and Protocol, provides business etiquette training and professional development for a variety of industries in Oklahoma and nationally. For more information, you may visit her website www.EtiquetteTrainer.com.

Photo source: Brett Jordan on Unsplash