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Bike trail etiquette is timeless; it knows no seasons.

Summer is an especially busy bike trail time in my area. I am grateful for a city bike trail that borders my backyard and allows me such easy access. In addition to the hundreds of daily bicycle riders, including some bike clubs, it is also an inviting place for kids on roller blades, moms or dads pushing baby strollers, joggers and walkers, and even the occasional landing strip for my neighbor’s radio-controlled plane!

Here are seven bike trail etiquette tips to help everyone enjoy  a safe and pleasurable time on the trail: (Source: Owensboro Parks and Recreation Dept.)

  1. Bicyclists yield to pedestrians.
  2. Ride on the right and pass on the left.
  3. Announce yourself when passing (Say, “On your left” so others will know that you are passing them on the left.)
  4. If you stop, please move to the grass edge of the trail.
  5. Be safe—by stopping at intersections and traveling at safe speeds.
  6. Please keep the trail clean by not littering.
  7. Please keep your pets on a short leash. Walk you pets on the right shoulder and clean your pet’s waste from the trail area.

These are simple rules of courtesy that will help everyone have an enjoyable and safe time on the trail. Can you think of other tips to add?