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4 Ways You're Annoying Your Coworkers

By Rachel Wagner

Maybe you don't make a habit of clipping your nails in your cubicle or wearing too much fragrance (or do you?) But, you may annoy your coworkers one way or another. Does it matter? Well, it probably won't keep you from getting a promotion, but an awareness of what annoys others can at the least, keep you from being a topic of conversation around the office coffee pot—and at the most, will make you look socially adept.

Here are some common office faux pas, according to The Protocol School of Washington and Robert Half Professional Staffing. Avoid these office annoyances to stay on everyone's good side.

Your E-mails Are Annoying
No one has time for those silly jokes and forwards. But, also don't send unnecessary emails such as "Thanks' 'Will do' or replies to all when only the sender needs the information. Don't send an email if the message is lengthy or you need to deliver bad news. Pick up the phone or have a face-to-face meeting instead. Think about your subject line, too. Make it specific to the topic of the email, not just 'hi' or 'meeting.'

You Constantly Text and Check Emails at Meetings. Think nobody notices when you 'read in your lap?' Think again. Be courteous and show you're engaged by staying focused on the meeting instead of your device. Step out if you need to respond to an urgent message or make a call.

You're Too Talkative. It's good to be sociable at work, but before stopping by to chat with coworkers—even if it's work related—make sure you ask if this is a good time. There's nothing ruder than stepping into someone's cubicle without permission—and without knocking on the cubicle wall, for that matter. If it's not a convenient time, ask when they can spare a few minutes.

And if the talkative teammate interrupts you? Politely say you're working on deadline, and ask if you can you stop by their office when you're done. If the chatterbox continues, then stand, discreetly pick up a file folder from the top of your desk and walk toward the door. This will send a subtle message.

You Don't Say Good Morning. Research shows that most coworkers like to be acknowledged with a morning greeting. A quick 'good morning' or 'How's it going?' on your way to get coffee or as you walk past someone's desk shows you're approachable and friendly.

Rachel Wagner is a certified corporate etiquette and international protocol consultant and founder of the business etiquette firm, Rachel Wagner Etiquette and Protocol. She trains leadership teams on the topics of business and dining etiquette to polish their professional presence and the image of their company. Rachel is active with the American Society for Training and Development and the National Speaker’s Association. She is author of a popular e-zine, The Savvy Professional, and is frequently quoted in the media. She can be reached by phone at 918.970.4400 or by email at Rachel@EtiquetteTrainer.com. Website: www.EtiquetteTrainer.com.





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